FEMEN ACTIVISTS Hold Topless Protest in Stockholm Mosque (Video)

Allahu Akbar!
Femen activists held a topless protest in a Stockholm mosque on Saturday.
They ripped off their black robess and exposed their breasts.
(Warning on Nudity)

Police were called to take them away.
AFP reported:

Three feminist activists from the radical protest group Femen staged a topless protest inside a Stockholm mosque on Saturday before they were led away by police.

The women burst into the mosque and tore off their black robes to bare their breasts, which were emblazoned with slogans such as “No sharia in Egypt and the world” and “My body is mine, not somebody’s honor”.

The women shouted “Free Women”, “No Sharia” and “No Oppression”.

The mosque was largely empty at the time apart from a couple of employees and some members of the press who had been told of the planned protest in advance.

Mosque employees called police who removed the women from the scene. The women did not explain why they wanted to protest inside an empty mosque.

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