Egypt’s Young Brotherhood Fractures From Old Guard

savage youth

The youth movement of the Muslim Brotherhood fractured from the old guard this week. At least 500 members have decided to break away from the old regime following the weekend violence.
Al-Arabiya reported:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood suddenly fell from grace last week after decades of underground work to reach the heavens. Today, the mighty movement appears to have begun a phase of disintegration, or renewal as some would argue.

More than 500 young Brotherhoods have decided to break away from the group, holding its senior hawkish leaders responsible for what they see as its failure.

The young members of the group have established a movement they called “Brotherhood without Violence,” seeking to steer the group back onto a course drawn for it by its founder Hassan al-Banna.

The young Brotherhoods also seek to withdraw confidence from the group’s leadership, primarily its Supreme Guide Mohammad Badei and his powerful deputy Khairat el-Shater.

Ahmad Yehia, the movement’s coordinator, told Al Arabiya on Thursday that they “deeply grieve” the situation of the Muslim Brotherhood today.

“The Brotherhood’s leadership is dragging the movement into abyss [after] a long history of struggle for more than 80 years,” Yehia said.

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