Egyptian Islamist Parties Call for “Friday of Rejection” Protests

islamists egypt rally

Egyptian Islamists called for mass “Friday of Rejection” protests for tomorrow denouncing the military coup of President Mohammad Morsi.
Al Ahram reported:

An alliance of Islamist parties and movements including ousted president Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood has called for “peaceful protests” on Friday to denounce the military’s overthrow of the Islamist president.

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called for “peaceful protests on Friday in all of Egypt’s provinces to denounce the military coup against legitimacy and in support of the legitimacy of President Morsi.”

The alliance hosted a press conference in the Rabaa on Thursday afternoon, at which the planned protests were announced.

A statement posted on the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website, Ikhwanweb, also on Thursday, read: “We call on demonstrators to show restraint and commitment to peacefulness…”

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