Confirmed: Muslim Brotherhood Is Shooting at Opposition Protesters

morsi protesters casings
An anti-Mursi protester shows spent shell casings and rubber bullets during clashes with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi near Maspero, Egypt’s state TV and radio station, near Tahrir square in Cairo July 5, 2013. Islamist allies of ousted president Mursi called on people to protest on Friday to express outrage at his overthrow by the army and to reject a planned interim government backed by their liberal opponents. (REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)

Morsi supporters fired guns at residents of El-Manial on the El-Gamaa bridge near Cairo University on Friday night.

The Muslim Brotherhood today claimed the military was shooting at Morsi supporters . But the military today denied the reports and said the photos prove it was the Muslim Brotherhood who was shooting at the military.


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