Communists to Join Democrats to Defeat GOP in 2014

Vote Communist – Support Democrats!
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Communists will once again join with Democrats to target conservatives in the 2014 elections.

Trevor Loudon at The Noisy Room reported on this declared strategy at The People’s World:

I have written before that the people’s movement that is now emerging doesn’t yet possess the transformative power of the movement of the 1930s. That movement set in motion an era of broad, deep-going, democratic, anti-corporate restructuring of our political and economic institutions – and also changed the thinking of tens of milliions.

But what today’s movement does possess is the potential to develop in that direction. All of which begs the question:

How do we accelerate this transition from a movement with transformative potential to a movement with transformative power and capacity?…

…* Contrary to what some on the left think, the starting point of transformative politics isn’t political desires and wish list, but a sober and concrete assessment of the balance of class and social forces on the ground, not least of which is the political consciousness of the majority of working-class people and what they are ready to fight for.

And by this measure, a movement with transformative hopes must be up to its ears in the struggle for jobs, a higher minimum wage, immigration reform, gun control, infrastructure renewal, abortion rights, protecting the climate, preserving earned-benefit programs, marriage equality, voting rights, saving public education, reversing the sequester, winning a federal budget favoring people’s needs, cutting the military budget, and many more issues at the federal, state and local level.

It should also be an energetic part of the struggle to give the Republican Party a licking in next year’s congressional elections. Defeating right-wing extremist candidates is the key link in moving the whole chain of struggle forward. It will take an expansive coalition of voters, including independents, centrists and even some moderate Republicans.

Far from a diversion, these democratic struggles to protect, extend and deepen political, economic and social reforms and change the balance of forces in our nation’s capital and beyond are the incubator of a movement that possesses the necessary unity, understanding and capacity to effect more basic changes, which I will come back to below.

Of course, socialists and Democrats have been joined for years. They even have their own caucus in Congress.

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