Black Teen Mob Beats & Bloodies New Haven Businessman – Breaks His Ribs, Nose and Arm – Steals His Bike (Video)

A black teen mob beat local businessman Brooks Macquarrie in New Haven last week. They broke his ribs, his nose, his arm and then stole his motorbike.

It was the latest beating by a black teen mob that is getting no national press.
It doesn’t fit the narrative.

PD: teens beat businessman, stole scooter


The local news channel would not reveal the race of the perpetrators.
News 8 reported:

Police are investigating after a well-known businessman was allegedly savagely beaten by a group of teenagers in New Haven.

The street shows no sign of the attack, but folks who saw it can’t forget it.

“Bleeding everywhere,” said New Haven resident Rhea Brown, “he had blood all over him and it was like everyone just came to his aid.”

It was 49-year-old Brooks Macquarrie lying in the street, part of family-owned New Haven Power Sports.

He was test driving a motor scooter he had just fixed, at the corner of Goffe and Orchard, when five to six teens apparently pulled him off, beating him before stealing the bike.

His head and ribs were fractured, his nose was broken, and those who work beside him are shocked and angry.

“It’s a tragedy what happened to him and I wish someone would come forward, find out who did this,” said Frankie Whitaker, Owner of Auto Experts. “He’s a very well respected person.”

Coming down the road and taking the corner is the regular route for test driving the scooters, so there is some speculation the teens orchestrated the attack and were just waiting for him.

“I hope they catch the kids that did that,” said King Moye, Owner of Auto Experts. “Nobody deserves that, not on a day at work.”

The New Haven Register has more:

According to a New Haven Police press release, witnesses said “between five and six black male teenagers rushed him, pushed him from the moving scooter, assaulted him, and fled with the scooter.”

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