AWFUL… Michelle Knight Was Victim of Identity Fraud While She Was Held Captive for 10 Years

How awful.
Michelle Knight was the victim of identity fraud while she was held captive for ten years by a crazy man.
michelle knight

The Cleveland Scene reported:

Law enforcement officials are reporting that someone stole the identity of Michelle Knight as she sat captive for over a decade on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland.

19 Action News reports that a woman who knew the Knight family ran a scam with Michelle’s name to collect government benefits.

The suspect reportedly maintained the scam throughout the duration of Knight’s disappearance, and even changed her address to Florida when Knight’s mother relocated down south.

19 Action News is saying that of the three Cleveland kidnapping victims, Knight had it the worst.

Yesterday, kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro appeared before a judge and admitted to forcing Knight to lose an unborn child.

Now it’s surfaced that she was also involved in this scam. The poor woman was victimized- twice.

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