21st Century America: Conservative Christian Organization Holds Annual Conference in Secret Due to Safety Concerns

christianus sum
Early Christian Persecution (Bible Researcher)

This week the thirty-sixth Alliance Defending Freedom Academy is being held in America’s southwest.

The conference provides education, training and networking to enhance the ability of attorneys, journalists, pastors and activists who wish to successfully engage the culture and defend religious liberty, the sanctity of life, marriage and family.


alliance defending freedom

This year journalists attending the academy were asked not to disclose the location of the conference. We were told this was due to safety concerns. Greg Scott, media consultant with the alliance, explained there have been incidents in the past that forced the group to make this decision this year.

This is the latest example of conservative persecution in America today. Conservatives are targeted, attacked, denied the right to speak and congregate, and harassed by the government.  Conservatives are dehumanized and verbally and physically assaulted. And, you won’t hear a word about it in the liberal media who are complicit with the far left in condoning or ignoring these attacks.

Welcome to twenty-first century America. Where conservatives are forced to meet in secret like second century Christians.

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