Worst. President. Ever… Obamacare Is Forcing Walmart to Hire Only Temps

We already knew:

** Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.
** Poverty is at its highest rate since 1960’s.
** America is experiencing its worst economic recovery ever.
** There are more Americans on food stamps than entire population of Spain.
** A record number of Americans are seeking jobs.
** Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus failed.
** Under Obama’s leadership we had four straight years of trillion dollar deficits.
** 8.8 million Americans are on disability.
** After four-and-a-half years Obama is likely the worst economic president ever

obama silly

And, now this…
With unemployment at record highs Obamacare is forcing Walmart stores to only hire part-time workers.
Forbes reporte:


Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) opponents warned it would happen, but now there’s mounting proof that full-time employees are being replaced with part-timers, at least in the retail industry where Walmart is focused on keeping the majority of workers to part-time hours only.

A new hiring policy uncovered by Reuters shows that nearly half of its stores are only hiring part-time employees, thus avoiding the mandate to provide health care or pay a fine.

A Reuters survey of 52 stores run by the largest U.S. private employer in the past month, including one in every U.S. state, showed that 27 were hiring only temps, 20 were hiring a combination of regular full, part-time and temp jobs, and five were not hiring at all.

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