‘White House Down’ Crashes, Burns at Box Office …(America Rejects Hollywood’s Obama Porn)

‘White House Down’ crashes, burns at the Box Office

obama porn flops
America already has one comedian in the White House.

America rejects Hollywood’s latest attempt at Obama porn.
Counter Contempt reported:

“White House Down” is pure, 100% Obama porn. It was written to appeal to those who want a romanticized version of the president they thought Obama would be. It’s porn for Obama supporters in the way that romance novels are porn for women. Just as the fans of those “sexy pirate kidnapper” novels want to be whisked away by handsome, romantic, tough-yet-caring pirates, “White House Down” was intended for those who want a dreamy two-hours in a movie theater being swept away by the Obama they want so badly to love (you know, the one who consistently fails to appear in real life).

The Obama character in “White House Down,” President Sawyer (portrayed by Jamie Foxx, who has admitted in interviews that the character is based on Obama) is the Obama “ideal.” He wants peace. Peace, peace, peace! He so badly wants peace that as soon as he came into office, he disbanded all drone attacks and other violent U.S. military activities on the Pakistan border, thus angering the evil white right-winger who leads the operation to seize the White House.

“President Sawyer” even put the evil drone-attackers in prison for daring to commit violence against Pakistanis.

“Sawyer” loves Abe Lincoln, and he’s a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge about American history. He has lofty thoughts, he cares about his countrymen, and he acts in the nation’s, and the world’s, best interest. What a guy!

But he can also be cute and loveable, as when the invasion of the White House forces him to fight bad guys. Oh, that cutie-pie. He doesn’t want to fight, and he’s adorably clumsy at it. But when called upon to save the world, dammit, he’ll fight!

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