EPIC SPEECH Irish Lawmaker Denounces “Unprecedented Slobbering” Over “War Criminal” Obama (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Americans feel the same frustration perfectly articulated by Clare Daly. It should be noted that the Irish lawmaker is not the only one who wants Obama prosecuted for war crimes.  The Africa Muslim Lawyer Association feel the same way.

The Irish Times reports the following:

[…] Ms Daly, a TD for Dublin North, hit out at the “almost unprecedented slobbering” over the Obama family’s visit. “It’s really hard to know which is worst, whether it’s the outpourings of the Obamas themselves or the sycophantic falling over them by sections of the media and the political establishment,” she said.

“We’ve had separate and special news bulletins by the State broadcaster to tell us what Michelle Obama and her daughters had for lunch in Dublin, but very little questioning of the fact that she was having lunch with Mr Tax Exile himself,” she said in reference to U2’s Bono.

She described Mr Obama as a “war criminal”, having “just announced his decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition, including the jihadists, fuelling the destabilisation of that region, continuing to undermine secularism and knock back conditions for women”.

Ms Daly said: “This is the man who is in essence stalling the Geneva peace talks by trying to broker enhanced leverage for the Syrian opposition by giving them arms – and to hell with the thousands more who’ll lose their lives, or the tens of thousands who will be displaced.

“This is the man who has facilitated a 200 per cent increase in the use of drones which have killed thousands of people, including hundreds of children.” […]

Read more at the Irish Times and The Hill. Well done Clare… all excellent and accurate points.

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