Taliban Sends Delegation from US-Funded Qatar Office to Hold Political Talks With Iran

Another brilliant decision – Building Taliban killers their own office in Qatar.
taliban militants

The Taliban sent a delegation to Tehran recently to hold political talks with the Iranian regime. The Taliban’s Qatar office was reportedly funded by the United States.
Fars News Agency reported:

The Afghan Taliban movement in a statement released on its official website on Monday confirmed that it has sent a delegation from its political office in Doha, Qatar, to Tehran to hold talks with Iranian officials.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) confirms the report released by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Fars News Agency about the visit to Iran by a Taliban delegation,” the statement said.

“A delegation from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, led by the head of Taliban’s political office in Doha, has recently embarked on a three-day visit to Iran,” it further said.

The statement explained that “the visit was aimed at bilateral talks with Iranian officials on issues of mutual interest”, adding that the delegation returned to Doha after the meetings.

The recent Taliban visit to Iran was not unprecedented as another delegation from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had also earlier been in Tehran to attend the Conference of Ulema and Islamic Awakening in the Iranian capital earlier this year.

“The representatives of the Islamic Emirate conveyed the message and demands of the Afghan people to the international community and also had positive meetings with Iran’s high-ranking officials on various issues, including those pertaining to the Afghan refugees residing in Iran,” added the statement.

“The Islamic Emirate also asked Iranian officials to pay due attention to the problems of the Afghan refugees residing in Iran and prevent occurrence of unpleasant incidents,” it continued.

The Taliban delegation’s recent visit to Tehran was first announced by FNA on Saturday.

In February Iranian Press TV reported that, according to Afghan media, the Obama Administration was also in contact with the Taliban in Qatar for peace talks.

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