Santa Monica Shooter Identified – Middle East Name – John Zawahri

Santa Monica Shooter Identified – John Zawahri
john zawahri
John Zawahri lays dead on the sidewalk after shooting people and killing his own father and brother on Friday. (RYOT)

Zawahri had mental issues as a juvenile.
Authorities kept his name from the public for several hours.
The LA Times reported:

The suspect was identified by five law enforcement sources in Washington and Los Angeles as John Zawahri, in his 20s.

Other sources with knowledge of the investigation said detectives believe the shooting was sparked by a family dispute of some kind but emphasized that the investigation was still in its early stages.

The suspect’s past mental health issues occurred when he was juvenile, the law enforcement source said, but no further details were offered.

John Zawahri killed himself, his brother Chris Zawahri and his father Samir Zawahri. He killed five people yesterday.


UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds added: SO I JUST WATCHED AN NYC LOCAL NEWS STORY (PIX 11 NEWS) ON THE SANTA MONICA SHOOTING, and they never mentioned the shooter’s name, which is John Zawahri. Instead they spent a lot of time talking about guns.

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