BREAKING: 41 Conservative Groups Have Now Signed On to Lawsuit Against IRS (Video)

The count is now up to 41–
41 conservative groups have now joined in the lawsuit against the IRS for unlawful targeting of Tea Party, Constitutional, pro-Life and pro-Israel organizations in the run-up of the 2012 election.

For twenty-seven months the Obama IRS refused to approve any Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status starting in March 2010.  At the same time several liberal groups were granted tax-exempt status.

Jay Seculow, the Chief Counsel for the ACLJ, broke the news this morning on America’s Newsroom:

“We’re filing this week an amended complaint with another 15 or 16 plaintiffs. We’re up to about 41. And we’re going to find out what took place in these 159 meetings that the IRS commissioner had with the White House.”

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