SARAH PALIN’S REVENGE – Slams O-Care’s Death Panels in Faith & Freedom Speech (Video)

Outspoken Obama critic Sarah Palin slammed the Democrats “Unaffordable” Heath Care Act today in her speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington DC.

“And our government passing something called, Obamacare – The Affordable Care Act. I’ll repeat that, the Affordable Care Act. And, it’s chief result, making our healthcare premiums enormously unsustainably more expensive with death panels to boot.”

Democrats ought to love that.

Earlier this week Sarah Murnaghan, the dying girl who stood up to the Obama HHS death panel – received new lungs.


The liberal media castigated Sarah Palin for claiming there are death panels in Obamacare. Kathleen Sebelius proved Palin right. It’s about time the liberal “fact checkers” at Politifact correct their false narrative.

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