Santa Monica Gunman Shot Dead His Father & Brother – Then Continued Murderous Rampage on Campus

The two bodies found in a burning Santa Monica house – the starting point in a shooting rampage on Friday. The victims are believed to be the brother and father of the suspected gunman, law enforcement sources told The LA Times.

Six people were murdered in the rampage, and the suspect was also shot dead.
Police say the suspect used an AR-15 assault rifle.

Police arrested Michael K** and took him away in handcuffs at the college.
It is not clear if he had any role in the crimes.
john zawahri
John Zawahri lays dead on the sidewalk after shooting people and killing his own father and brother on Friday. (RYOT)


The shooting and fire appear to have stemmed from some type of family dispute, but the sources said police are still not sure what happened.

UPDATE: — Michael Kim was released last night.

UPDATE: The first victim was identified as Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, of West Los Angeles. The shooter has still not been identified.

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