Report: Snowden Allowed China to Access and Download His Four Computers in Hong Kong (Video)

Weekly Standard reporter Stephen Hayes told America’s Newsroom this morning that, according to The New York Times, Edward Snowden allowed Chinese officials to access and download top secret information from the four laptops he brought with him to Hong Kong.

CBS News contributor John Miller, a former deputy director at the FBI, agreed with Hayes.

The city of Hong Kong said in a statement that Snowden left “through a lawful and normal channel” and claims the the American request for Snowden’s arrest did not comply with Hong Kong law and as such, there was “no legal basis to restrict Mr. Snowden from leaving Hong Kong.”

“All that is nonsense. This is not about insufficient grounds…something happened there,” John Miller said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” Miller insists that in his mind, the city of Hong Kong or “big China” “quite clearly” double-crossed the U.S. “Somebody cut a deal over there and strung the U.S. along,” according to Miller.

Miller touched on the four laptops Snowden was reportedly carrying with him. Intel experts have said the Chinese government likely had the opportunity to download the data on the hard drives before he fled the country.

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