Pure Evil… Sunni Villagers Drag Shiites From Their Burning Homes & Beat Them to Death in the Street (Video)

In Egypt “proud” villagers lynched four Shiite Muslims in an attack that followed weeks of anti-Shiite rhetoric in the media.
The Sunni villagers torched their homes and then dragged them into the street and beat them to death.

All the while chanting, “Allahu Akbar!” (god is good)
(Warning: very brutal content)

The Sunnis shouted “Allahu Akbar” and “infidels” as they murdered the Shiites.
Reuters reported:


Kasbana Abdelaziz’s house guests had barely arrived when the mob was upon them, hurling petrol bombs and smashing holes through the roof of her home.

The attackers then dragged four men – Shi’ite Muslims who had come to this Cairo suburb for a religious festival – out into the street and beat them to death.

President Mohamed Mursi condemned the “heinous crime” that happened on Sunday and promised swift justice, but his opponents accuse him and his Muslim Brotherhood of allowing ultraconservative Salafist allies to whip up anti-Shi’ite sentiment in return for their support.

“They called us infidels,” Abdelaziz, said, sitting on her floor amid broken concrete, shattered glass and splintered wood. Two of her daughters stood weeping in the room behind her.

The mob killing in Zawiyat Abu Musallem has caused outrage among opposition leaders in Egypt at a time of deep political tension in the Arab world’s most populous country.

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