Move America Forward presents ‘Troopathon 2013’ (Live Video Feed)

Supporting the Military – Troopathon 2013
troopathon 2013

Move America Forward presents Troopathon 2013 today.
Hosted by Mike Huckabee.

** The live feed is here.


Sarah Palin posted her support for the program today on Facebook:


Troopathon is a wonderful way to show support for our brave men and women in uniform by sending care packages to our troops in combat zones. They’re willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us. So Troopathon is the very least a grateful nation can do for them. This is just one small way for us to show them the love and appreciation they deserve.

All it takes is a simple care package with a personalized note of thanks to show them that they aren’t forgotten. Imagine if you were deployed halfway around the world, not having seen your parents, husband, wife, son or daughter in months. You’re tired, sweaty, and probably somewhat lonely. And then out of the blue you are handed a care package with a sincere note of appreciation from an American back home. What a difference that little gesture makes!

Please tune in today from 1-8pm to watch Troopathon (watch online at

You can find out how to send a care package by going to or calling 866-866-6372.

Let’s show our brave troops the generous heart of a grateful nation.

– Sarah Palin

You can also send a copy of Hating Breitbart to the troops.
breitbart troops

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