AMERICAN SHOT DEAD in Alexandria After Muslim Brotherhood Fires on Protesters – 39 Injured

An American was shot and killed in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt today during clashes between supporters and opponents of Egypt’s embattled President Mohammed Morsi.
CBS reported:

Alexandria security chief Gen. Amin Ezz Eddin told Al-Jazeera TV that an American was killed Friday in Sidi Gabr Square while photographing the battles between opposition youth and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails.

A medical official told The Associated Press the American was wounded by gunshots and died at the hospital. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

At least 39 were injured.

YNet reported:


At least 36 people were wounded Friday during violent protests against the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria. Anti-Morsi protesters threw rocks at security forces who returned fire with tear gas.

In Tahrir Square in Cairo thousands have people have congregated calling for Morsi to resign. In the meanwhile, the Egyptian capital also saw a largo pro-Morsi demonstration. (Roi Kais)

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