Lib Moonbat Streisand Slams Israel for Mistreatment of Women… Gives Muslim Regimes a Pass

In Iran they beat women bloody in the streets.
Iran Press News released this photo on the 2007 crackdown on unveiled women.

For not covering their hair.

In Iran they beat female democracy protesters, too.

This week Hollywood lib Barbra Streisand went to Israel and lectured the country on how they treat women.
She had no comment on Iran.
The Washington Times reported:

Entertainer Barbra Streisand is attacking Jewish religious practices in Israel that treat women differently from men.

Miss Streisand says she is distressed to read about women in Israel “being forced to sit on the back of the bus” and women being assaulted while praying at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. She was referring to recent incidents involving ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Miss Streisand was speaking Monday at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, where she received an honorary doctorate noting her dedication to Israel. She urged equality and praised the university for issuing its largest-ever number of doctoral degrees to women this year.

The speech was the first event on Miss Streisand’s tour of Israel.

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