John Bolton: Edward Snowden Is Guilty of “Worst Form of Treason”

john bolton

Former UN Ambassador and national security expert told WLS radio today that NSA leaker Edward Snowden is guilty of treason.
WLS 89 reported:

There is a lot of reaction on WLS this morning to the identification of the man who leaked information last week, about the U.S. Government’s secret surveillance program, which allows the National Security Agency to monitor the phone calls and emails of Americans.

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton told Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft on WLS that he thinks admitted leaker Edward Snowden, is guilty of treason:

“Number one, this man is a liar. He took an oath to keep the secrets that were shared with him so he could do his job. He said said he would not disclose them, and he lied. Number two, he lied because he thinks he’s smarter and has a higher morality than the rest of us. This guy thinks he has a higher morality, that he can see clearer than other 299-million 999-thousand 999 of us, and therefore he can do what he wants. I say that is the worst form of treason”.

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