JACKPOT BROTHER!… Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: I Attended White House Meetings With IRS Chief – “I Was In Them” (Video)

Yesterday, Stephanie Cutter, Deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, appeared on Jake Tapper’s show The Lead on CNN.

During the segment Stephanie Cutter admitted she had attended meetings with then IRS Chief Douglas Shulman at the White House:

“A couple of facts here that I think are important for us to stick by, number one, the only reason we know about these visits is because the president makes everything public. Number two, what we’re really looking at some of these visits… What we are looking at the number of times that Mr. Shulman was cleared into the White House. It doesn’t necessarily mean he went to a meeting. Number three, many of those meetings were for healthcare implementation. I was in them with him. So there’s nothing nefarious going on.”

Jackpot brother.

Hat Tip Gwilym and Ari


Stephanie Cutter became Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager in September 2011.
Douglas Shulman, a Democratic donor, was IRS commissioner from March 24, 2008 to November 9, 2012.

Of course, if Obama’s top campaign manager was sitting in meetings with the controversial head of the IRS, this is a very serious development.

The entire segment from The Lead is here.

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