It Begins… 2010 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Pushes Chinese-Style Population Control

Michael E. Arth ran for governor in Florida in 2010 as a Democrat
arth dem
Michael E. Arth shaking hands with supporters while running for governor of Florida in 2010. (Vice)

This week Arth pushed Chinese-style population control.
He also Americans should purchase “birth credits” to have kids. reported:

So if people live longer and longer, how do you deal with overpopulation?
That’s why we have to get started now. Waiting just compounds the problem. World population increases by 220,000 every day, after accounting for the 155,000 who die. It’s truly a hydra-headed problem, because for every person that is cut down by death, more than two are born. This is like adding the combined populations of England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand to the world every year. Politicians don’t address overpopulation because they focus on issues that will get them re-elected in the short term, while the business interests that influence them want to see more and more consumers.

They don’t address it unless they’re China.
China would have two billion people today if not for their population policies. Nevertheless, China still added 350 million more Chinese since they implemented strict family planning measures in 1978, because of what’s called population momentum. Because of the burst in population growth under Chairman Mao, the average age of the population had dropped. Until these excess young people had their own children, the population increased faster than if you had an evenly distributed demographic. So even limiting families to one child per couple was not low enough to stop population growth.

Now, thanks to the one-child policy – to which there are many exceptions, by the way – China’s ageing population will probably not grow much more from now on, as long as they don’t remove the restrictions.

China, and the rest of the world, would be better served by a choice-based marketable birth license plan, or “birth credits,” that could stop or reverse population growth on a dime. Birth credits allow people to have as many children as they desire and can manage and reward people who are willing to give up that right.

You just knew it was only a matter of time before Democrats started pushing population control in the US.

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