Oh, Good Grief… Obama Lectures Africans on Job Creation (Video)

Oh, good grief.
Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.

Created by Harold Powell

So it takes some gall for this president to lecture anyone on job creation. Yet, that is just what he did yesterday in South Africa.

Barack Obama lectured Africans on job creation at a University of Johannesburg-Soweto visit.


From the White House website:

“Now, I do think that it’s important for Africans to make sure that these interactions are good for Africa. Because — let me just take the example of natural resources. I think there has been a long history of extracting resources from Africa. You take raw materials, you send them to some place else, where they get used, processed, sometimes sold back to Africa. The profits stay there, the jobs stay there, and not much stays in Africa. There’s a long history of that.”

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