Excellent! EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Makes American Début on The O’Reilly Factor (Video)

English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson made his American début on The O’Reilly Factor – America’s most-watched cable news program. Robinson talked about the growing Islamic threat in Great Britain and the cowardly political reaction to this menace. Robinson also plugged his diverse group.

“We’re described as far right. We have a Sikh division, a Hindu division, a Jewish division. We even have a lesbian and gay division. That weak argument by calling us hooligans or racists or fascists is just the easiest way to stifle the debate. Because then they don’t actually have to address the points we’re bringing up. But what’s happening right now in this country, we’re getting so much support from so many people that they are going to have to address these points.”

Robinson was terrific.

Kudos to Bill O’Reilly for allowing Tommy to tell his side of the story tonight on his program.

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