DEMOCRATS ON TRIAL – Hearing on IRS Scandal Shines Light on Democratic Culture of Corruption


Conservative activists – regular citizens – were invited this morning to deliver testimony against the IRS.  These brave mothers, fathers, business owners and activists were finally allowed to tell their side of the story.

Ordinary Americans
irs com witnesses

We all saw the reports on the IRS targeting hundreds of Tea Party and conservative groups. But today we saw the faces and heard the stories of our abused brothers and sisters. Regular, ordinary, patriotic Americans. We heard their stories and felt their pain. We saw their tears. Today we were witnesses of abuse.

After being harassed and abused and slandered by the press, America saw the truth and felt the truth today.  The Tea Party activists were not the brutish angry radicals.  They were victims.

cspan irs hearing jim hoft
Conservative activists testify at the Ways and Means Committee hearing **

This was a coordinated attack on Americans. It wasn’t just the IRS, and it wasn’t just a couple rogue agents.  It was big government.

Today’s hearing shined a spotlight on Democratic corruption. Today’s hearing offered us a glimpse of the thug behind the curtain, and he’s a Democrat. He’s a liberal activist in a role of power targeting and destroying lives of ordinary Americans, ordinary conservative Americans.

Democratic senators and representatives called on the IRS to start targeting Tea Party groups in 2010. The liberals in the IRS didn’t let them down. Today we saw the aftermath of the abuse, the tears and the fear and the pain.

This is a Democratic scandal.
Today the IRS scandal painted a bulls-eye on the Democratic Culture of Corruption.

UPDATE: ** I am sitting in the background in the picture above – Hat Tip Andrew Marcus

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