Death Knell of the GOP: Paul Ryan Says Immigration Bill Will Likely Pass the House

Republican lawmakers reach the cliff.
republicans cliff

Rep. Paul Ryan says the immigration bill will likely pass the Republican-held House.
The bill will allow up to 30 million likely Democrat voters into the country.
Republican lawmakers are willing to sign their own death certificate.
The AP reported:

Senate passage of historic immigration legislation offering citizenship to millions looks near-certain after the bill cleared a key hurdle with votes to spare.

A final vote in the Senate on Thursday or Friday would send the issue to the House, where conservative Republicans in the majority oppose citizenship for anyone living in the country illegally.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Tuesday that the Senate’s advancement of stronger border security measures makes it “even more likely” that immigration reform will pass the House and become law. He said that the House won’t take up the Senate bill but will do its own legislation, and added, “the majority of Republicans support the border security” as the keystone of immigration reform. He spoke on CBS’ “This Morning.”

If Republicans really wanted a secure border they would demand the government enforce the laws already on the books.

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