Outrageous… Second IRS Official – Greg Roseman – Pleads the Fifth (Video)

Now they’re lying… MORE LIES…
lerner shulman

So far…
The Obama IRS Scandal involves:

** Nearly 500 conservative groups targeted
** At least 5 pro-Israel groups targeted
** Constitutional groups targeted
** Groups that criticized Obama administration were targeted
** At least two pro-life groups targeted
** A Texas voting-rights group was targeted
** Conservative activists and businesses were targeted.
** At least 88 IRS agents were involved in the targeting scandal
** At least one conservative Hispanic group was targeted


Now this – Another IRS crook pleaded the Fifth today…
IRS technology official official Greg Roseman pleaded the Fifth todayat the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Roseman is now the second Obama IRS official to refuse to speak with Congress.

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