Outrageous!… CBS News: Killer Iranian Regime Is Like the Tea Party (Video)

neda street
Her name was Neda, which means “voice” in Farsi.
According to numerous reports, she was shot in the streets of Tehran by Iranian state police while protesting for freedom.

This weekend CBS News equated the Tea Party to the killer Iranian regime.
Ben Shapiro reported at Breitbart:

On Saturday, CBS News reported on the elections in Iran – by comparing the mullahs to the Tea Party. Reporter Elizabeth Palmer said, discussing the new president, Hassan Rahjani,

“Well, he was seen as the most reform-minded of all the candidates who ran this time, that being said, they were all very conservative. In US terms it was as if all the candidates for the presidency came from the Tea Party.”

CBS has it backwards.
The Tea Party is Neda – Not the regime.

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