ANOTHER ATTACK at Family Research Council’s Headquarters in DC – Windows Busted

Haters will hate.
In August 2012 LGBT volunteer carrying bag of Chick-fil-A sandwiches shot up the conservative Family Research Council in Washington DC.

The deranged leftist who shot up the Washington headquarters of the Family Research Council and injured a security guard was identified as Floyd Corkins, 28, of Virginia. Fox News reported that Corkins posed as an intern and was carrying a Chick-fil-A bag with him during the attack on the conservative group’s headquarters.

The Family Research Council still has bullet holes in the walls.
bullet holes christian group
Andrew Marcus of Hating Breitbart points to the bullet hole in the wall at the Family Research Council tonight.


This past weekend the Family Research Council’s headquarters were vandalized again.
window christian group
Thugs threw a brick at one of the lobby windows. FRC officials told me last night they are still investigating this latest assault on their headquarters.

Don’t expect this story to make any headlines. After all, it’s only a conservative group.

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