AWFUL… Obama to High School Kids “I’m Going to Need Your Help to Lean on Elected Representatives” (Video)

Barack Obama held a campaign stop at Manor Technical High School in Austin, Texas today.
He used the high school kids as props for his speech.

Obama also told the high schoolers that he will need their help to push his agenda.

“Every once in a while I’m going to need your help to lean on your elected representatives…”

Here’s the transcript via the White House website:


Now, there are three things that we’ve got to focus on to create more jobs and opportunity for the middle class. First of all, we’ve got to make America a magnet for good jobs. Second, we’ve got to help people earn the education and develop the skills they need to do those jobs. And number three, we’ve got to make sure that people who are working hard are able to achieve a decent living. (Applause.) All right? That’s what we’ve got to focus on.

And I’ve sent Congress proposals on a whole range of ideas that will help in these three areas: creating jobs, helping families stay in their homes, lifting wages, helping more young people get a good education and afford college. But some of them have been blocked in Congress for, frankly, political reasons. And I’m going to keep on trying. I’m an optimistic guy, so I’m just going to keep on talking to members of Congress, because I believe that America does best when we work together. (Applause.) I believe that.

Every once in a while I’m going to need your help to lean on your elected representatives and say, hey, let’s do something about this; even if don’t like it politically, if it’s a good idea, let’s go ahead and support it.

So sometimes I’m going to need constituents to pressure their members of Congress to do the right thing.

But where I can, I’m just going to go ahead and take action on my own, including some executive actions that I’m taking today that I’m convinced will spur innovation and help businesses create more jobs.

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