Global Warming Dampens Memorial Day Fun in New Hampshire With Snow and Rain

It’s a consensus.
It was snowy, wet and unseasonably cold in New Hampshire this Memorial Day weekend.
It must be global warming.

Snow on Memorial Day weekend in Littleton, New Hampshire.

WMUR reported:

During a weekend that was set to kick off the summer tourism season, some businesses were concerned about cancellations due to the unseasonably cold weather.

But the weather didn’t stop many campers, who stuck it out through the dropping temperatures, rain and in many places, a few inches of snow.

Waterest Campground in Woodstock is a popular place in the heart of the White Mountains, especially during Memorial Day weekend.

But this year, the weather caused a number of people to cancel their reservations at the campground.

“I was discouraged Thursday when people kept calling but the ones that came are resilient.” said Ralph Bradley, owner of Waterest Campground.

There were still plenty of families at the campground who braved unseasonably cold temperatures. Campers told News 9 they gathered around the fire and made the best of the situation.

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