Senior Palestinian Official: “If We Had a Nuke, We’d Have Used It This Very Morning” (Video)

Palestinian official Jibril Rajoub told Al-Mayadeen television channel that if the Palestinians had nukes.
“We’d have used it this very morning.”

Palestinian Media Watch reported:

Israel National News reported:


A senior Palestinian Authority has praised the use of violence against Israel, asserting that if the PA had the military wherewithal to rise up against the Jewish state, it would not hesitate to do so.

“I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning,” vowed Jibril Rajoub during an interview with the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV channel, as reported by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Jibril Rajoub is the Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and Chairman of the PA Olympic Committee.

And, just think, Obama wants to hold peace talks with these lunatics.

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