Politics Chicago-Style: Obama Calls on Supporters to Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight

Barack Obama sent out another letter to supporters today.
He asked them to fight… fight… fight… fight… fight!
It’s politics, Chicago-style.

obama fight

Here’s the letter:

Jim — The road to change is hard.

But you need to know this: If we don’t fight every single day, the Republicans will obstruct everything you and I stand for.

Today matters. In this fight for what we believe in, every single day matters.

I need you to stand up to the negative ads they’re throwing at us. I need you to show the special interests and the billionaires financing them that they can’t undo what we’ve done and what you and I stand for.

Jim, I need you today. Every day we don’t fight gives our opponents another chance to roll back what we’ve worked for. Will you pitch in $3 to protect Democratic leaders and fight for my agenda before the FEC deadline in 48 hours?

Progress doesn’t just happen. You and I have to fight for it every single day.

If we get there, it’ll be because you and I didn’t stop fighting when times seemed tough.

I truly believe we can get there. But it depends on today — and you. Will you stand with me?


Thank you,

P.S. Just 48 hours until the FEC deadline. Can you kick in $3? https://www.dscc.org/48-hours

With all these campaign letters he keeps sending out, it’s no wonder he doesn’t know what’s going on in DC.

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