Oh, Boo-Hoo… Eric Holder Calls Issa’s Behavior “Unacceptable” and “Shameful” at Hearing (Video)

Oh, Boo-Hoo!
Attorney General Eric Holder whined today during his hearing on the several White House scandals.
Holder, who was confronted on the Benghazi cover-up and lies, told Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) that his behavior was “unacceptable” and “shameful.”

No, Mr. Holder, running guns to Mexico is “unacceptable” and “shameful.”
No, Mr. Holder, hiding information on a terrorist attack in Benghazi is “unacceptable” and “shameful.”
No, Mr. Holder, secretly tapping phone records of AP reporters for months is “unacceptable” and “shameful.”.

Via TPM:

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