Muslim Immigrants Torch 100 Cars and Riot for Third Straight Night in Sweden (Video)

Muslim immigrants torched cars and rioted for the third straight night in a Stockholm suburb yesterday.
100 cars torched–

Russia Today reported:

Riots in Stockholm’s suburbs continued for the third night after the fatal shooting of a 69-year old man by Swedish police triggered street violence. The shooting took place on 13 May with riots ongoing since Sunday 19 May. The rioters consist mainly of young people who say they are protesting against police brutality and inequality in Sweden. Rocks were hurled at police and cars have been set alight.

The man killed by the police was reported to have been wielding a knife after locking himself in an apartment building in the Husby suburb of Stockholm. It remains unclear why lethal force was used. Police have refused to give the nationality of the victim. The Husby suburb of 11,000 people has been the centre of the riots. Of that number an estimated 80% are first- and second-generation immigrants. The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt disapproves the violence and asks the inhabitants of the area to remain calm.

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