Muslim Assimilation in a Politically Correct World: Another Smashing Leftist Success Story

car stockholm torched
Muslim youths torch another car in Stockholm last night.

I Think They’re Trying to Tell Us Something
John Hinderaker at Power Line discusses the immigration crisis in a politically correct Western world.

One of my favorite adages goes like this: Any damn fool can learn from his own experience, what you want to do is learn from other people’s experience. Actually, you could say that the ability to learn from other people’s experiences is the only thing that makes human progress possible.

The Europeans have had a lot of bad experiences. A few of them we have learned from; most, sadly, we haven’t. But let’s just focus on one issue for a moment: immigration. Europeans decided some years ago that it would be a good idea to import lots of North African and Asian Muslim immigrants. They didn’t think it made much difference whether these immigrants were compatible with them culturally, or even whether they were interested in assimilating…

… At one time, it was believed that the U.S. was better at assimilating immigrants than European countries. It was true, actually, for most of our history. But it isn’t true any longer. Immigrant children who attend public schools are taught multiculturalism, which is shorthand for the evils of America. We no longer make any serious attempt at assimilation; the very concept is foreign. Just imagine any public school teacher talking about “Americanism.”

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