MSNBC Dunce Touré: “Open Borders” Will Reduce “Muslim Poverty That’s Threatening Our Security”…(Video)

MSNBC’s co-host of The Cycle, Touré, declared his support for “the open borders movement.” Touré said, just as currency and employment are borderless (they are?), immigration should also be borderless. He noted that chronic poverty plaguing foreign nations and fueling terrorism would be alleviated by open borders.

“The answer to our immigration issue is open borders… Tear down the fences. Rip up the red tape. Yup; I’m embracing the open borders movement… Open borders attacks the root cause of Muslim extremism. Impoverished men in Muslim countries are more easily radicalized. It’s Muslim poverty that is threatening our security.”

Via Red Flag News:

The communists would be so proud.
What an idiot. His arguments make no sense.

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