Malcolm X’s Grandson Lateef Shabazz Murdered in Mexico – Tossed Off Building or Shot

In February 2013, Malcolm Lateef Shabazz, the grandson of the late African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X, was arrested on his way to Iran. Shabazz was planning on attending a Hollywoodism conference in Tehran when he was arrested. The FBI did not release information on the cause for the apparent arrest.

x grandson
In 1997 he killed his grandmother, Malcolm X’s widow, Betty Shabazz, 63, in Yonkers, N.Y., by setting fire to her home.

Malcolm Shabazz was killed in Mexico today when he was thrown off a building.
TPM reported:


Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, has died while in Mexico. The news first broke when a family friend named Terrie Williams announced his death on Facebook and Twitter. TPM has independently confirmed his death through another source with close knowledge of the situation. According to an associate, Shabazz was beaten during a robbery Wednesday night in Mexico City.
Like his namesake, Shabazz, who was 28, was actively engaged in politics. Juan Ruiz, a member of the California-based labor organization Rumec, told TPM Shabazz was in Mexico City with one of the group’s leaders, Miguel Suarez who had been deported from the United States last month.

“He’s a supporter of our organization” said Ruiz. “He went to Mexico to meet with Miguel.”

A posting made Wednesday evening on Rumec’s Facebook page said Shabazz was in Mexico City with Suarez and wanted to share their story with local media.

Riehl World View reported that Shabazz died from injuries after being thrown off a building or shot in a robbery.

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