Lou Dobbs: Obama Is a Liar, “He Lies Through His Teeth” (Video)

Lou Dobbs weighed in on the IRS Scandal this week on America Live with Megyn Kelly. Dobbs had this to day about Barack Obama,

What is outrageous is the president of the United States stands before the American people and lies through his teeth. That is what is outrageous. This president said, “If we find out that they did these things.” There is no ‘if.’ The president must have forgotten that the Internal Revenue Service came out this week and admitted doing these things. And, apologized for doing these things. And then this president, as if he’s sitting in a dentist’s chair, and would have great reluctance, says if they were found to have done these things we will have to hold them accountable… This is a president who has lost his way.

And, with that rant Dobbs secured himself an audit from the Obama IRS.

Tell us something we don’t know.

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