Kirsten Powers: There is Something “Fundamentally Really, Really Wrong With Our Media” (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The Fox News Watch panel weighs in on how the media covered the Benghazi hearing. Many excellent points were made. Around the 4 minute marker, Kirsten Powers makes some powerful points. She finds the idea that everything out of Washington is political, so the “politicizing” excuse is quite odd. Agreed.

Richard Grenell follows with a report on how both the ABC and CBS presidents have SIBLINGS that work for Obama at the White House. And the discussion also points to the fact that Sharyl Attkisson has been shunned at CBS for covering Benghazi more accurately. The Daily Caller also noted the CBS sibling connections to Obama and the Sharyl Attkisson tensions, along with a Politico article that provides more information on the developing Attkisson tensions but fails to mention the conflict of interests as a backdrop.


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