Judge Napolitano: If Obama Knew IRS Was Targeting Conservatives During Election – “Impeachable Offense” (Audio)

allman radio

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined FM Newstalk 97.1 morning host Jamie Allman today to discuss the widening IRS targeting scandal.

Judge Napolitano told Jamie that if Obama knew his IRS was targeting conservatives during the 2012 election, and did nothing, it is an impeachable offense.

Now it has become a question of integrity. What did he know and when did he know it? Because if he knew during his campaign that the IRS was targeting his opponents and he did nothing to stop. In other words, he let the IRS do this stuff in order to help him defeat Mitt Romney, impeachable offense in my view. And, I’m not afraid to utter that word. It’s a horrible word. It brought us misery over Clinton who took his eye off the ball as 9-11 was being plotted. But, if the president did that he is unworthy of being in office.

The audio is posted here at the Electric Stove.


Related… President Obama met with anti-Tea Party IRS union chief in the White House the day before the agency targeted the Tea Party.

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