IRS Chief on Who Is Responsible for Targeting Conservatives: “I Can’t Remember” (Video)

IRS Chief Steven Miller told Rep. Dave Reichert at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing this morning that he can’t remember who was responsible at the IRS for targeting conservatives.

Miller said, “I don’t remember.”
This was after he admitted he was told who it was.

Here’s the transcript:


Rep. Dave Reichert: Who was responsible?

Steven Miller: I don’t have that name sir.

Rep. Dave Reichert: Why don’t you have that name? Did you ask anybody.

Steven Miller: Yes.

Rep. Dave Reichert: Who did you ask?

Steven Miller: I asked the senior technical adviser.

Rep. Dave Reichert: What’s the senior technical adviser’s name?

Steven Miller: Nancy Marks.

Rep. Dave Reichert: And what did Nancy tell you? Who’s responsible?

Steven Miller: By that I don’t remember to be honest with you.

Reichert ate his lunch.

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