Harry Reid: GOP Needs to Rid Itself of Tea Party Republicans

Harry Reid lashed out at the Tea Party again today.
The Senate Majority leader said he thinks it’s time for the Republican Party to rid itself of Tea Party Republicans.

Two years ago Harry Reid the Tea Party will disappear.

But they didn’t.

The Las Vegas Sun reported, via Free Republic:


Reid was clear about the limits of his filibuster fight.

“End the filibuster? No, I don’t think we should get rid of the filibuster,” he said. “It works both ways. I’m not here beating the drum to change the filibuster for everything. It has its place, but it shouldn’t be abused.”

Reid said the key to solving what he has labeled as Republican obstruction is for the party to rid itself of so-called Tea Party Republicans.

In the wide ranging, 30-minute interview, Reid also disputed a recent claim by Sen. Bob Menedez that the Senate does not have 60 votes to pass the Gang of 8’s immigration reform bill, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

Too bad for Harry Reid – 44% of voters support the Tea Party today.

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