Gracious First Lady Will Allow Visitors To Peek at White House Garden This Year… Through the Fence

Americans may be locked out of the White House due to Obama’s sequester antics…
But, the First Lady will graciously allow Americans to peek at her White House garden this year… From behind a fence.

She is so amazing.
The Daily Caller reported:

Michelle Obama told an audience attending her book signing Tuesday that the White House garden is still “semi-open to the public” because visitors can see it through the fence.

She was promoting her book, “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America,” released in May 2012.

“[M]y goal in this book is to share the story of the creation of the garden,” Michelle Obama said during the Tuesday morning signing at Washington’s Politics and Prose Bookstore, “because while it is semi-open to the public — because if you visit the White House along the South Lawn, you can see the garden from outside of the White House.”

Meanwhile, Michelle will be out shopping.

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