FIREWORKS!… Ed Henry Blasts Jay Carney at White House Presser (Video)

White House correspondent Ed Henry of FOX News and White House spokesman Jay Carney battled today during the White House presser over Eric Holder’s lies under oath.
Henry shouted and rolled his eyes during today’s exchange.

Via Cavuto:

Here’s the transcript:

Ed Henry: Was he not telling the truth at that point? He was involved in it.

Jay Carney: Involved in what?

Ed Henry: He signed off on the search warrant!… Are you not involved after you sign off on a search warrant?

Jay Carney: Again, I’ll refer you to the Justice Department. You guys are complaining that the subpoena with prosecution. Again… I would just point you to what the Attorney General said.

Major Garret: But is this a technical inaccuracy you’re holding onto?

Jay Carney: I’m not. I’m saying based on what I’ve seen in published reports and what the Attorney General said, I don’t see the conflict.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are investigating Attorney General Eric Holder over his testimony two weeks ago in which he claimed to be unaware of any “potential prosecution” of the press.

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