Duke Faculty Members Among 50 Libs Arrested at Capital Protests Against GOP (Video)

Fifty liberal protesters including Duke faculty members were arrested at the North Carolina Legislative Building this past week.
The leftists are holding weekly rallies to protest the Republican super majority.

These loons insist they are not radicals.
The News Observer reported, via Free Republic:

The historians, doctors, preachers, lawyers, raging grannies, students and others gathered around the second-floor fountain inside the Legislative Building and belted out “This Little Light of Mine” and other songs.

They were diverse in age and backgrounds but united in voice as part of a protest movement gaining numbers in recent weeks.

In the four months since North Carolina Republicans took control of both General Assembly chambers and the governor’s mansion, the lawmakers have proposed rapid and sweeping change to the state’s electoral processes, health care policies, welfare management and publicly-funded education systems.

The Republicans, some who emerged from a protest movement of their own – the tea party dissatisfied with the cost and influence of government – contend they’re doing the business of the people who voted them into office. They say their critics are simply bitter that their party no longer is in power.

So, as the new-to-power legislators roll out bill after bill, a new wave of protesters is heading for Raleigh. The protesters say they are not radicals but everyday North Carolinians worried that the leadership of the General Assembly is reversing the state’s progress in ensuring equality, tolerance and respect for human dignity…

Thirty demonstrators were taken to the Wake County jail on Monday after capital police cited them for trespassing and disorderly conduct. A week before that, 17 people were arrested at the demonstration organized by the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP. Though their strategies are modeled on civil rights-era protests, the trailblazers from earlier decades faced longer stints in jail, beatings and job loss.

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