DHS SENDS IN CHOPPER to Intimidate Tea Party Protesters in LA

ARMED DHS GUARDS greeted St. Louis Tea Party protesters at the Town and Country IRS office on Tuesday.
Around 300 protesters turned out anyway.

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DHS parked their vehicles right outside the IRS office just in case the Tea Party protesters got crazy and violent.

But the DHS intimidation was not isolated to St. Louis.


In Los Angeles DHS put a chopper in the air and told Tea Party protesters they could not be on federal property.
They had to move away from the building.
This report came from a Tea Party protester in California.

Many of our 300 tea party folks were approached immediately by Homeland Security and told they could not be on federal property. My lawyer told me as long as I didn’t block passage we were OK. Many Homeland Security trucks and a helicopter above us scared many patriots so most of group went to public side walk to rally.

However, I stayed at IRS entrance telling Homeland Security it is my right to be there.

Then as I was leaving carrying my sign a woman jumped out of her car in IRS parking lot and started threatening me, “I am with ICE!”

To which I replied, “I am with Laguna Patriots!”

I was interviewed with local NBC and OC Register and told them all about the intimidations!

During the White House coordinated #Occupy movement there were numerous murders, rapes, beatings, vandalism, theft, drug overdoses, hatchet attacks, etc. Did DHS ever fly choppers over their violent rallies?
Just wondering.

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