Breaking: SYRIA RELEASES PHOTO OF DEAD AMERICAN – Assad Regime Kills American Nicole Lynn Mansfield (Video)

The Assad regime reportedly killed US citizen Nicole Lynn Mansfield.
Her ID was posted on Facebook:
nicole mansfield
Here is the Drivers License of the American female Mercenary, “Nicole Lynn Mansfield” born 1980 from Michigan, U.S.A. who was killed by Armed Protective Forces in Syria.

A car containing 3 members of Al-Nushra, a British citizen, an American woman and another foreign national of unknown origin was struck by a Syrian Rocket. Nicole Lynn Mansfield of Flint Michigan was killed. Also in the car was weapons, computers and maps of military positions.

It’s not clear what she was doing there.
CNN reported, via Lucianne:


Syrian state-run television reported Thursday that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad killed three Westerners, including an American woman and a British citizen, who it claims were fighting with the rebels and were found with weapons.

Syrian TV identified the woman, releasing what it claimed were images of her Michigan driver’s license and U.S. passport. It also released what is said was the name and passport of a British citizen. It did not identify a third person who it claimed was a Westerner.

The report said the three were ambushed in their car in the flashpoint province of Idlib in northwestern Syria, where government forces have been battling rebels for control.

TV footage showed a bullet-riddled car and three bodies laid out. It also showed weapons, a computer, a hand-drawn map of a government military facility and a flag belonging to the al Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front.

The United States is aware of the claim that an American woman was killed and is working through the Czech Republic mission in Syria to obtain more information, a State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told CNN.

Citing privacy concerns, “we are unable to comment further,” the official said.

UPDATE: Syrian Alkhabar released photos of the dead American.

More… Mansfield was from Flint, Michigan. She was 33 and has an 18 year-old daughter.

Photo below the fold–
(Warning on violent content)

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